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HTC to make next Nexus tablet with 8″ display size

HTC Flyer Pictured

After two generations of Nexus 7 tablets by ASUS, Google will be looking elsewhere for its upcoming tablet. It is now rumoured that Google has engaged HTC to make the next Nexus tablet with larger 8″ screen targeted for Q3 this year.

Interestingly Google had initially reached out to HTC to manufacture their Nexus 7 tablets but they were too busy with their smart phones at that time. As a result, they had turned to ASUS which manufactured 2 models of Nexus 7 and Samsung for their larger Nexus 10 tablet. This time around, Google is said to be putting less emphasis on its Nexus tablets and the upcoming launch could be a low-key event. Apparently the earlier Nexus 7 tablets had already achieved its goal of boosting Android’s tablet penetration in the market.

HTC isn’t new in the tablet game. 3 years ago, they were one of the pioneers of Android tablets with their HTC Flyer. It came with a stylus and featured a solid aluminium body design in line with their tradition of making premium devices. Sadly it didn’t sell well due to its expensive price tag and later on it was even offered for free with Maxis contract.

They have been absent from the tablet seen for quite a while now and last year they had hinted a few times that a new tablet is in the pipeline. HTC is still struggling financially, and it is yet to be seen if going back to the tablet business would be a good idea.