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Our coverage on COVID‑19 makes his own smart watch. No smart phone required

Looks like musician is jumping on the smart wearable bandwagon. In his guest appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man TV show, Will had showed off his new self-funded Smart Watch project that will go on sale pretty soon.

Unlike most smart watches that needs pairing to a phone, his watch is a standalone device that’s able to make phone calls on its own. In addition, it connects to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While it supports wireless bluetooth headsets, the watch is able to playback music loudly with its built-in speaker. In the TV show, he was seen wearing 2 watches which probably is linked wirelessly for louder stereo playback.

In terms of availability, had recently tweeted the smart watch will be available in July. So far he hasn’t revealed much of its technical aspects such as the interface and operating system. Is it compelling enough to leave your smart phone at home? We’ll find out more in July when it gets released commercially.

Watch the video of on the Chatty man TV show after the break.