Apple patents Bayonet Mount for interchangeable lens. Might be used in future iPhone models


It looks like Apple is exploring new ways of improving its photography capabilities in future iPhones. They have recently filed a new patent for a Bayonet Lens mount which allows users to add on lens accessories seamlessly without the need of special case or custom mounts.

The bayonet mount offers a rather secured fit for the lens without altering much of the actual lens design on the device. What’s more interesting is that it has a mechanism that detaches itself upon drop impact to reduce damage to both lens and device. The upcoming iPhone 6 is speculated to feature a protruding camera design and this could allow add on for wide angle or tele lens.

Apart from this, Apple has also patented a magnetic lens mount as well. Having patents doesn’t necessary mean that it will be implemented in upcoming iPhone but it somewhat gives an indication that Apple has considered of using it in the future.

You can check out more images of their patent after the break.




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