SwiftKey introduces Flow Hard. Swipe Input that you can use on your Laptop and Desktop Keyboards


Swipe input from Swype and Swiftkey is incredibly easy to use on a smart phone, offering faster input that the usual QWERTY typing. So far swiping is only limited to touch screens and desktop users seem to be left out. Not anymore.

Today SwiftKey has introduced Flow Hard which brings Swipe input to your normal physical keyboards on your PC and Laptops. According to SwiftKey, Flow hard improves typing speed by 257% compared to conventional typing. According to one of their testers, he doesn’t need to bite his nails an ymore since prolonged Flow Hard typing wears out his finger nails.

This isn’t just a joke and SwiftKey has a working demo which you can try it over at their site. It works rather accurately like the actual Swiping input on your smart phone. This is yet another innovation from SwiftKey adding on to last year’s SwiftKey Tilt input.

Check out the SwiftKey Flow Hard video after the break.