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Samsung Galaxy S4 and CubeStormer Lego Robot smashes Rubik’s Cube Record


The Rubik’s Cube solving record has been smashed at an impressive 3.253 seconds with a CubeStormer 3 Robot. As comparison, the fastest Rubik’s Cube solved by man was 5.55 seconds. The CubeStormer 3 consist of Lego Mindstorm bricks and components while a Galaxy S4 Octa-Core smart phone was used as the brains of mechanical solving marvel.

It is amazing how much the CubeStormer has improved over the years, which is a clear indication that smart phones are evolving at a rapid pace. The first attempt in 2010 with a Motorola Droid had managed 24.02 seconds and a year later, the CubeMaster 2 with a Galaxy S II had managed to solve it quicker at 5.35 seconds.

Check out both CubeStormer 3 and the fastest human Rubik’s Cube solver after the break.