Type with a much smaller keyboard. Minuum Keyboard now available with 30 day free trial


On-screen keyboards normally take up almost half of your entire smart phone screen, leaving very little space left to see what you’re actually doing. Minuum (pronounced as “minium”) has a clever way around this problem by having a keyboard that takes up just a small tiny bar at the bottom. Instead of having a standard 3 row keyboard, minuum uses just a single row but you can still type normally as you do on a QWERTY keyboard. It also lets you expand the keyboard to a full size version when you need to.

Initially available as a paid app, most people are quite reluctant to give it ago. Now it has just released a new version 2.0 and there’s a 30 day trial version to test it out. A while back, they have tested several applications of minuum including a Galaxy Gear to prove that typing is now possible with a smaller screen.

You can download the 30-day trial version for Android here, while the full version costs RM9.99 to purchase.

Watch the demo after the break.