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Hands-on: Huawei E5786 – World’s Fastest 4G LTE MiFi


Mobile Internet is no doubt getting faster. While our local telcos are expanding its 4G LTE coverage nationwide, Huawei has taken a bold step by introducing an even faster 4G LTE MiFi hotspot device. The recently announced E5786 is the World’s Fastest 4G LTE MiFi that’s rated at Cat 6. This lets you create a mobile WiFi Hotspot with download speeds up to 300Mbps and uploads up to 100Mbps.

We’ve managed to get a hands-on with the new MiFi and it is about the same size as the current Huawei E5776 Cat 4 4G MiFi which we have in Malaysia. In terms of design, it has a different front plate that’s slightly different from the current Pebble stone like appearance. Unlike the current E5776, there’s no visible flaps for microSD and SIM card slots as it is hidden underneath its removable back cover. Overall, it is a pretty solid device and Huawei does know how to make good looking yet functional MiFis.

What we liked on the new E5786 is a rather comprehensive interface that’s accessible using the new Menu button placed at the sides together with the power button. This gives you access to vital information on the front monochrome display and you can even change settings such as WiFi bands and enabling Data Roaming for the SIM Card. To make connecting easier, it can even display a QR code to be scanned using a smart phone. Like its predecessor, it is able to connect up to 10 wireless devices.

The battery capacity remains unchanged at 3,000mAh and is rated to last up to 10 hours of usage. On our E5776 MiFi, the battery lasted us about 6-8 hours depending on the number of devices connected simultaneously. Obviously we didn’t manage to get a feel of its high speed connectivity since we were in the event halls of Mobile World Congress. Don’t expect this to arrive in Malaysia any time soon until our 4G networks are ready for blazing 300Mbps speeds.

Check out our hands-on video and additional photos after the break.

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Huawei E5786 MiFi Hands-On Video

Huawei E5786 MiFi Hands-on Photos








Huawei E5786 Cat 6 MiFi vs E5776 Cat 4 MiFi