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Samsung Galaxy S5: How Finger Scanner Works

Among the many new features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. In implementation, the scanner is much like the one on the iPhone 5S but in use the new feature is not as seamless as Apple’s execution.

With the iPhone 5S, the fingerprint scanner is activated with one simple push and hold action. With the Galaxy S5 you have to push the home button and then swipe your finger to unlock the device. It’s not as seamless as the on the iPhone but it gets the job done and the Galaxy S5 is unlocked just as quickly. Overall, it’s good first attempt from Samsung and it is much, much better than the clumsy back panel fingerprint scanner on the HTC One Max.

In addition to unlocking the phone, the Galaxy S5 Finger Scanner can be use in conjunction with the devices Privacy Mode private date like sensitive picture and documents are made inaccessible to other people that might be using your phone. It is also secure enough to authenticate online purchases using PayPal.

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