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Samsung to feature finger print scanner on Galaxy S5 home button. Finger swiping required


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 has been rumoured to feature a fingerprint scanner for enhanced security. There are countless of speculations including one that claims having a built-in scanner on the display panel. Now Sammobile, a renowned source in anything Samsung has claimed to confirm that a fingerprint scanner will be definitely making its way in the upcoming Galaxy S5 flagship.

The scanner will be embedded in the home button but unlike the iPhone 5S seamless Touch ID, the Galaxy S5 would require you to swipe your finger flat across the home button. They have also added that the scanner is sensitive to moisture and a message will pop up prompting you to dry your fingers if it is too wet to be scanned.

They have also added that the Galaxy S5 is able to register up to 8 different fingers and you can assign specific task or apps for each of them. This is similar to the HTC One Max but the placement of the scanner at the rear of the One Max makes it impractical to unlock when the phone is lying flat on the table or while being docked. So it is a good thing that the Galaxy S5 is placing its fingerprint scanner right at the front. Another gimmicky feature reported is that a real time image of your fingerprint will be displayed as you swipe your finger across.

The Galaxy S5 is set to be announced in the coming Unpacked 5 event that’s happening next week at Barcelona. Among the specs speculated so far is a faster Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 processor, 16MP camera and an ultra high definition 2K display that pushes 2560×1440 pixels resolution.