The Dash is world’s first smart in-ear headphones packed with sensors & built-in music player


Wearable gadgets is set to be the next big thing. While smart watches are gaining popularity, check out The Dash, which is the first ever smart headphones. This is not your typical waterproof in-ear headphones as it is packed with sensors and a whole lot of electronics. It is an all in one device with wireless connectivity, built-in 4GB music player, microphone, fitness tracker and even a heart rate monitor.

The Dash specs include a 32-bit arm processor with 3 way accelerometer, bluetooth 4.0, thermometer, ear-bone microphone and 2 tiny LED lights to measure your body vitals through your ear’s capillaries. Juicing up The Dash is a tiny 100mAh battery which is said to last up to 3 hours of music listening and it can be charged within an hour. In terms of design, the The Dash claims to be the perfect fit for most eye times and it comes with an glowing LED like, making it look like something that came out of a Tron movie.

To use the device, both sides come with a gesture controlled touchpad with the left side to control fitness tracking while the right side controls the music. While most smart watches requires pairing with a smart phone, the Dash can be used on its on. It is also usable for various extreme activities as the Dash is shock and water resistant up to 1 meter.

At the moment, The Dash has exceeded its Kickstarter goal of US$260,000 with over US$330,000 pledged so far. The Dash is set to be priced at US$299 but it is now offered at US$199 for early backers.

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For more information, you can check out The Dash official website.

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