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WiFi & Voice calls anywhere on the planet with Iridium Go. Rugged Global Satellite MiFi at a price


Creating a WiFi hotspot is pretty easy these days with rapid expansion of mobile networks and availability of MiFi devices. But what if you need to stay connected at extremely remote areas and possibly the harshest places on earth? Look no further as Iridium Go offers global satellite connectivity that connects up to 5 devices on WiFi. It even allows you to make voice calls through its Android and iOS.

The Iridium Go device itself is pretty rugged and comes with a flip up antenna that doesn’t require special satellite orientation. It is rather durable with a Military Grade ruggedness of MIL-STD 810F, dust and splash resistance of IP65. If you do get into trouble, the Iridium Go also comes with a SOS button with integrated GPS.

There’s no battery capacity being mentioned but the Iridium Go is said to last for 4 hours talk time. While they didn’t share estimated download speeds, it is likely to be slow as the brochure proudly highlights its web compression technology including blocking of pop-ups, ads and even background pictures for optimal experience. After all, it is all about basic connectivity not heavy downloads while travelling to Timbuktu.

While Iridium pride itself for no roaming charges, the device is expected to be priced around US$800 and don’t expect subscription fees to be cheap.