iPhones on DiGi gets LTE software update but 4G speeds isn’t available yet

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It appears that DiGi is one step closer in enabling 4G LTE for iPhones. If you’re an existing DiGi subscriber with an iPhone 5/5S, you should be getting a software update which enables LTE connectivity under Cellular settings.

However don’t get too excited just yet as DiGi’s 4G LTE service doesn’t seem to be working for smart phones right now. DiGi’s 4G LTE service is currently available for broadband & tablet use. In response, DiGi has tweeted that 4G LTE for smart phones would be coming soon but without mentioning when exactly.

When DiGi started its 4G LTE commercial service 6 months back, they were running only on LTE Band 7 (2600MHz). As comparison, the other LTE telcos such as Maxis & Celcom are running on both Band 3 (1800MHz) and 7 (2600MHz).

The latest iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C supports LTE on both 1800MHz and 2600MHz frequency while the previous iPhone 5 only supports 1800MHz. Ideally we hope DiGi would offer LTE on 1800MHz as well so that existing iPhone 5 users would get to enjoy 4G speeds too.


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6 Comments for iPhones on DiGi gets LTE software update but 4G speeds isn’t available yet


"they we’re running only on LTE Band 7" should be correct as "they're"


    Thanks for highlighting. Supposed to be "they were"


Can you post about a 4g lte speed test between maxis,digi,celcom and u mobile

Kiwi in Malaysia

Grand. Pity I don't live and work directly in Bangsar… I'm often barely able to get a Digi line sometimes, let alone 3G or heaven forbid LTE…

Expand your network Digi! Not everyone lives in KL!!!


that's why iphone & digi lame

Vincent Lee

DiGi is not able to provide LTE on 1800MHz yet as their entire GSM users are still on 1800MHz. They only have 1 band compared to Maxis and Celcom which have 900MHz for GSM too.

If DiGi refarm their 1800MHz to LTE, their current GSM users will shout as it cant able to support those amount of users anymore.. This will cut their capacity of GSM to half and there will be many drop lines and lost calls.

Maxis and Celcom can refarm their 1800MHz to support LTE because they have moved the GSM users from dual bank 900/1800 to single band 900 alone.

Maxis has purchased Timecel 1800MHz last time and they never use 1800MHz for GSM. Thats why they can implement LTE on 1800MHz fast! Whereby Celcom did use dual band for their GSM. Now they are working hard to refarm the 1800MHz without lost quality of their GSM users..