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Typing on a smart watch? No screen is too small with minuum keyboard


There are endless of innovative keyboards like Swype and Swiftkey but they are still based on the traditional QWERTY keyboard layout since the days of the typewriter. Although typing is now faster with the latest developments, most keyboards still take up a lot of display space, almost half of the entire screen.

Introducing minuum, a minimalistic keyboard which takes up a tiny strip bar on the screen. In terms of layout, they have basically compressed the keys into a single row like a piano keyboard with the closest keys of the same column arranged side by side. As a result, this saves up a lot of display real estate and makes it even possible to type on a smart watch like a Galaxy Gear. An interesting concept but we don’t think anyone would be typing on a smart watch extensively.

It is available to download as a US$1.81 paid app for Android and it works for both tablet and smart phones.

Check out the demo videos including typing on a Galaxy Gear smart watch after the break.