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Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch works with Nexus 5


The Samsung Galaxy Gear is probably the most capable smart watch in terms of functionality. It lets you make phone calls and even takes photos. The biggest hindrance is that the Galaxy Gear could only work with the latest Samsung Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy Note 3 and slightly earlier Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S III running on the latest Android 4.3 software.

Now there’s finally a way to get the Galaxy Gear watch to work with a Nexus 5. Smart Watch Fans has posted a step by step guide which involves manual APK files and tinkering with a couple of security settings. You’ll need to download a total of 3 files, extract them to your device and install the smart watch apps one by one. Most of the Galaxy Gear apps and features reported to work perfectly except for S-Voice and Weather. Apart from the Nexus 5, someone claims to have managed to get it working with a Sony Xperia Z Ultra that’s flashed with pure Google Edition OS.

You can check out the full guide here.