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Samsung upcoming UI screenshot gets leaked again


@evleaks has released a second round of what appears to be Samsung’s upcoming smart phone user interface. Earlier on, we’ve seen a card-like interface on the home screen which looks like a remix of Google Now cards + HTC’s BlinkFeed + Windows Phone UI.

This might be a customised reskin of Google Now or Samsung is simply working on an alternative interface to display what matters to you in a personalised manner. Depending on preference, such approach could be a love it or hate it affair.

When HTC One was introduced, we didn’t particularly liked the BlinkFeed interface on the home screen and initially there was no option to switch it off. Later on HTC has given an option to disable it completely in their Sense 5.5 update. If Samsung is introducing this in their next Galaxy S5, we do hope there’s an off switch for those who prefer back to basics interface. What do you guys think?

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the earlier leaked UI of the home screen here.