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Maxis legacy RM99 unlimited data plan gets capped at 10GB/month


It looks like all good things must come to an end. Maxis has just sent out a notification that its legacy unlimited data plan introduced in 2007 will be capped as part of its Fair Usage Policy. Unlike other plans back then, the Maxis unlimited data plan at RM99/month gives total peace of mind without the need to worry about excess charge or throttled speeds. The plan got discontinued in 2009 but existing users were still able to keep the plan along with its bottomless benefits.

When paired with Maxis Share n Surf, you can have additional unlimited data SIMs at just RM15/month. That’s quite a bargain if you have multiple 3G devices in the family and the additional SIMs also get to enjoy full 4G LTE speeds.

Effective 18 February, existing Unlimited Data Plan subscribers will be limited to 10GB per month. Like most data plans, there’s no additional charge for excess usage but speeds will be throttled to slower download speeds. To regain full speeds, you can top up from RM2 per day for 100MB to RM68/month for 3GB. Nevertheless, the RM99/month for 10GB quota is still cheaper than their current monthly data offering of RM48/month for 1GB and RM68 for 3GB.

You can check out the Maxis Fair Use Policy (FUP) info here.