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Maxis reveals official iPad Air pricing and bundle plans


UPDATE: Maxis has revised its iPad Air pricing making it similar to Apple retailer pricing.

The Malaysian iPad Air outright pricing has been revealed by Maxis this morning from as a low as RM2,049 for the 16GB model. Since it is being offered on contract, they are only offering the WiFi + Cellular version which supports 4G LTE connectivity. The iPad Air with 4G connectivity support is priced as follows:

iPad Air (WiFi + Cellular) 16GB – RM2,049 RM2,029
iPad Air (WiFi + Cellular) 32GB – RM2,299 RM2,349
iPad Air (WiFi + Cellular) 64GB – RM2,649 RM2,679

Maxis doesn’t seem to offer its largest 128GB option for the iPad Air. Compared to last year’s iPad 4, the new iPad Air costs RM150 more for the 16GB/64GB model while the 32GB model is RM100 more. The price difference between the iPad Air’s 32GB and 64GB is quite a huge one with a RM350 price gap.

On Maxis, the new iPad Air is available with 24 months contract of SurfMore 30, 50 & 75 which gives you 1GB, 2GB and 5GB of mobile data respectively. The full bundled pricing as follows:

16GB iPad Air
SurfMore 30 (1GB) – RM1,929
SurfMore 50 (2GB) – RM1,549
SurfMore 75 (5GB) – RM1,449

32GB iPad Air
SurfMore 30 (1GB) – RM2,179
SurfMore 50 (2GB) – RM1,799
SurfMore 75 (5GB) – RM1,699

64GB iPad Air
SurfMore 30 (1GB) – RM2,489
SurfMore 50 (2GB) – RM2,099
SurfMore 75 (5GB) – RM1,999

They are also throwing an extra offer for Maxis One Club members as well. MOC users will get 6 months free internet sharing for one additional device that’s normally charged at RM15/month.

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For more information, head over to Maxis iPad Air page.

If you’re looking for an iPad Air with WiFi only, you might want to head over to SenQ‘s selected 10 outlets. The WiFi version could probably start at RM1,649 for the 16GB unit based on the price increment we’re seeing so far. UPDATE: Full iPad Air pricing revealed. From RM1,599 for WiFi & RM2,029 for WiFi + 4G model.

Thanks to @weisheatan for the tip!