Google Nexus 5 Available in Malaysia

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Update: IPMart is selling the 32GB international LTE version of the Nexus 5 for RM1,849 while TechBug is selling the 16GB international LTE version for RM1,599. (Hat tip to Jesus and hazzery from the comments for the updates)

Good news, the Nexus 5 is available in Malaysia. Bad news, it’s not official from LG and it’s expensive.

A popular seller on have the Nexus 5 in stock but you must know that the unit being sold are gray imports which means you’re not going to get any warranty from LG. The seller is asking for RM1,999 for the 16GB LTE version. That’s a bit pricey considering that for about RM100 more you could get probably the best Android smartphone in the market right now — the Galaxy Note 3 — for around RM2,100 (Samsung warranty) from some online sellers. Also, the 16GB Nexus 5 retails for US$349 in the US and that’s about RM1,200 according to today’s conversion rate. That’s an astonishing RM800 premium over the US list price. Even if you factor in delivery cost from the US, the price from this seller is still rather exorbitant.

Manufactured by LG, the Nexus 5 features a 4.95-inch 1080p display with Gorilla Glass 3 and a top-of-the-line 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB RAM. In terms of cameras, you get a 1.3MP front shooter and a 8MP at the rear complete with optical image stabilisation. Google has also packed in wireless charging capabilities, LTE, NFC and a 2,300mAh battery. Unlike the all-glass Nexus 4, the Nexus 5 has a more conventional plastic back panel.

And of course the Nexus 5 is powered by Google’s latest and greatest Android version to date — 4.4 KitKat. Google engineers have designed KitKat so that it can run on the most basic of devices with as little as 512MB of RAM. With KitKat, the operating system’s memory footprint has been reduced considerably by removing unnecessary background services and reducing the memory consumption of features that you use all the time. RAM is usually one of the most expensive parts of a smartphone and by allowing its latest version of Android to run with less RAM, Google is opening up possibilities for manufacturers to expand their low-end market offerings with new features.

You check the seller’s listing of the Nexus 5 here.

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34 Comments for Google Nexus 5 Available in Malaysia


16GB-RM1699; 32GB-RM1849 with iPmart warranty~,Nexus,5,…


Can pre order at


techbug 100 cheaper…

yu dum fuk

Dum fuks trying to rob our money, get a fuking life!


    Actually the price at techbug is pretty reasonable. The cheapest location to buy the international version is Australia(~M$1350 including GST and delivery). On top of shipping to Malaysia and import permit ($100) and some limited warranty, that's pretty reasonable. However I would wait and see LG price. Should be end of November. Expect that to be much higher, my estimate M$1700 to M$1800 range.

Eric Lee also has a few deals starting from RM1400 for 16GB US version and RM1500 for 16GB International version


Might as well wait for the official release, then. In fact, I really doubt Google Nexus devices like this one is that popular until a lot of people are willing to get their hands on it before the official release just like the iPhones.


IPmart is also preorder. With no estimated delivery date. Techbug is still better option.


Many people did not realise that there is sales tax in the US and the amount varies in each state. On top of $349, you still need to pay tax and it can cost almost $400 for the 16GB model after tax and delivery fees.


    Well you're right. The price $349 is barely the unit itself. I've asked a seller in ebay and he told me that factor in sales tax and shipping fee from Google to his house, it would cost him $383 for the 16GB. And if they are going to sell it in ebay, that would resulted in another 10% fee of the final price (assuming the device sold at $450, that would be $45 gone to ebay). Paypal fee would be another 3 – 5%. If you are the buyer, assuming you won the bid at $450, then postage fee with secured and registered mail would further cost the cheapest $30. Plus the import tax from our local custom estimated RM100+- that would make the final price of this 16GB phone RM1.6K.


This guy sell cheaper Nexus 5:
16GB- RM 1399
32GB- RM 1469


Battery sucks


A note for those who are buying those imported ones:

Make sure to get the Australia model because their LTE bands support the Malaysia ones.
The US models don't.


    doesnt matter when
    1) Poor coverage, and digi even charge 4g access fee ontop your quota.
    2) Small quota yet expansive package.
    3) Battery consuming.
    4) By the time lte become general, there is nexus 6.

    Advantage of getting US modal
    1) Attractive price


      You obviously never tasted real 4G from Maxis


Dammn faster drop price please.


The best 'android' phone is not Galaxy Note 3. The best 'android' phone has always been Nexus device. The best phone is Galaxy Note 3.


    You logic circuits needs to be upgraded.


      Nexus has always been the ideal Android phone from Google, it's how Google would want Android to be. Samsung/HTC/LG/Sony with their heavily modded UI are their own concept of phone, not from Google.


        But in what sense is Note 3 not an Android phone? It still runs Android just not stock or pure Android from Google. Now if Note 3 runs Tizen or Bada then the above logic makes sense.

          Andrew C

          will logic then prevails now that a Tizen smartphone is in the works by Samsung,will it sells as well as Note 3? understand that Samsung has plans to ditch Android..true or half true or logic of market share prevails.

Gregory Yip

Lowyat ah bengs usual business strategy, preying on impulsive and impatient buyers. Chill bros, when lg officially launch their unit, we can hit them right back. You waited this long, whats another 1-2 months from lg?? Official warranty some more, sure the phone not going to have problems if u take care properly, but what IF u have problems with ur set? "Warranty no got"..scratch ur head la bro

    Gregory's brother

    Let's wait!


lame battery life


hey guys if i pre-order the lg nexus 5 from US its US version or its international version? i mean my cousin live in US so i asking him help me to get 1 n ship to malaysia


[wts]i am selling Nexus 5 32GB black-japan set
RM 1850
will arive in 2days
cam email [email protected]

Dave Lee

i must have the nexus 5!


say if i buy the international version from ipmart,can i still use my 3.5G data from Digi? anybody please clarify becoz i understand that LTE international version is not compatible in malaysia

Jeffrey Kek

Umm umm…any update that Nexus 5 is coming…? Or maybe not coming?
Malaysia LG sucks


How to check online warranty of nexus 5


pls where can i get samsung google nexus battery in malaysia duo i reside at damasara