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Nexus 5 internals get exposed in tear down and it is easy to repair


The folks at iFixit has gotten their hands on a Nexus 5 and it is time for another round of smart phone tear down. While the body construction uses plastic as opposed to a more premium glass on the Nexus 4, the new device is praised with a high repairability close.

The Nexus 5 uses plastic clips to attach its back cover while using just a little bit of adhesive to keep it securely in place. Most of its components including the motherboard and various modules such as headphone jack and speakers are easily removable thanks to its minimal use of glue. On the downside, the only complication is its 4.95″ Full HD screen which is fused together with its front glass.

Watch the tear down review video after the break.

You can check out the step by step tear down process here.