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Sony Xperia Z1 20.7MP camera gets noticeable improvement after software update

Sony Xperia Z1 Camera Software Update

UPDATE: The update is available for Malaysia but you will need to use Sony’s PC Companion software to get it. Thanks anybody from the comments section for the tip!

UPDATE 2: Check out our sample comparison of the Xperia Z1 after update over here.

The Sony Xperia Z1 is Sony’s attempt of making a high-end camera smart phone with a larger 1/2.3″ sensor, Sony’s G-Lens and Bionz imaging processor that’s capable of shooting at 20.7MP. While the specs look impressive on paper, the Xperia Z1 left a lot to be desired in our recent camera comparison test against the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

The software is likely to be responsible for its sub-par photos and Sony claims that the camera would be improved with its upcoming software update. So is the new update any better? A Xperia Z1 user at XDA Forums has managed to test out the new firmware and it looks like the answer is yes.

From the 2 sample shots, it does look clearer and sharper than before. In his comparison, the old shot was taken using 14.1.G.1.534 firmware which we are currently using while the new firmware carries the version number 14.1.G.2.257. Although it won’t perform anywhere near the epic Lumia 1020, at least this would probably set the Xperia Z1 further apart from the 13MP shooting Galaxy Note 3. It is worth pointing out that the new 6″ Lumia 1520 packs a similar 20.7MP rated shooter but in comparison, its sensor is slightly smaller at 1/2.5″.

Check out the samples of the updated Xperia Z1 after the break.

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