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Will it Blend: iPhone 5C & Gold iPhone 5S

Posted:  October 5, 2013   By:    9 comments   


Tom Dickson of Blendtec needs no introduction and it’s time for another round of Will it Blend? This time he manages to get his hands on just not one but a variety of coloruful iPhone 5C and a gold colour iPhone 5S.

Watch the iPhone blending carnage after the break.

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9 Comments for Will it Blend: iPhone 5C & Gold iPhone 5S


I wonder these people get any monetary gain by doing this. Is the advertisement benefit of blending spanking new iPhone substantial enough to cover cost? Maybe they should for their own fingers next time. Then pnly its worth while making this recording,


    Tom Dickson, the CEO of Blendtec is the person in the video. Guess what the company sells? Stop being a butthurt iFaq…I mean seriously?

    Kelvin Wong Jing Zhi

    Blentec is a blender company.
    Its actually promoting the strength of Blendtec….
    Basically a lot of stuff Tom Dickson blends…

    Yu Siong Ng

    FYI , the blender sales has sky-rocketed for around 300% since the launch the viral blending advertisement ….. Price of the blender is around rm1.5k ..


      Hi, I'm interested to get one. Do you know where to purchase from Selangor? Thanks in advance.


    looks like there's a frog, who lived in a well, commented on this thread. = P


Its really pointless n stupid


they is look like a same persons

    Yu Siong Ng

    They are actually same persons …