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P1 offers unlimited quota ForHome Broadband from RM99


When it comes to wireless broadband, there’s always a limit to how much we can use at full speed. Several years ago, most users frown upon having their download speeds throttled down once they have hit their subscribed data quota as part of the dreaded Fair Usage Policy. Even high speed fibre broadband service for home such as UniFi, Maxis & Time are tied with usage quotas as well. Of course there are unlimited alternatives but they are mostly catered for enterprise usage which comes with a price.

In conjunction with P1’s 5th anniversary, they are now offering their home WiMAX wireless broadband service with unlimited quota. There are 2 plans available – ForHome 99 (RM99) with 1Mbps download speed and ForHome 149 (RM149) at 2Mbps. The unlimited offer is only valid during the 24 months contract period. After that, the usual data quota will apply at 20GB for ForHome 99 and 35GB for ForHome 149.

P1 provides the modems free on rental basis and they are bundling the DV-230 modem for ForHome 99 and the better DX-230 for ForHome 149 subscribers.

For more information, head over to P1’s ForHome broadband page.