iOS 7 rolls out for iPhones, iPad & iPod Touch today

Posted:  September 19, 2013   By:    13 comments   

The new iOS 7 is finally here and iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users in Malaysia had started downloading the update since 1AM this morning. Announced couple of months back, it gives a refreshing experience with flat design approach, skinnier fonts and Apple had revamped in some areas of usability. You can read more on the iOS 7 enhancements in our earlier post here.

To get accustomed with the new changes, check out the 2 and a half minute video from LifeHacker shown above. Just like previous iOS updates, don’t be surprised if some of the features are missing from your device. Some of them such as AirDrop and in-Camera Filter is only applicable with the current generation models such as the iPhone 5. You can check out the comparison of iOS 7 features by models here.

For those who have yet to make the move, we recommend that you backup your current device using iCloud or iTunes. Updating to iOS 7 over the air (OTA) is rather easy and you can get right to it under Settings > General > Software Update. For those who have upgraded, what do you think of iOS 7?

Watch the official iOS 7 promo and features walk through video after the break.

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13 Comments for iOS 7 rolls out for iPhones, iPad & iPod Touch today


Been using it for a couple of hours now. I'd say its two steps forward and one step backward in the looks department. Even with the extra features , its still smoother and more fluid than Android.
What frustrates me however is that Apple still maintains its rigid app sand-boxing, it doesn't have the great integration of OS and apps which Android has. For example, you still can't choose a particular email app to use with photo app or whatsapp someone from the contacts or notification menu…

Papa Soya

Eh Soya, how you want to be top mobile site when latest news also tada? The new Nokia 1020 already got price and people are all talking about it. But nothing in your site. Lowyat got info on the price at least.


What are you talking about 1AM in the morning? 1PM kan? I stayed up till 2am no new update came


    I was able to download the update at 1AM (I.m using 4S). However, most of my friends with iphone 5 were only able to download it this morning/noon.


Downloaded at 2 AM. Took one half hour,


Izzit a must to backup ?


    Can update without backup but if it fail, you might lost everything.


Anyone updated their ipad 2? Any problems? Updated mine and found something frustrating.
1.My homepage couldn't rotate well.It is laggy.
2.Using the multigesture to get to homescreen, the colour of the wallpaper seemed to change.
3.Why are there Chinese links icons including apple china icons at my safari homepage?
Anyone facing the same prob?


    Hi, apparently Apple thought to add china site bookmarks maybe for all asia customers. Whatever the reason, only they know. But of course you can delete it.


      Yup. Just deleted the tabs. However, still quite unsatisfied about the overall performance of ios 7 .Heard many complaining,


iOS7 is slow on my iPad 3. I plan to upgrade later. BTW Malaysia is the cheapest place to buy an iPad.…


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