Brightstar offers smart phone trade up for a brand new BlackBerry Z10

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How do you convince reluctant people to switch phones? Trading up their existing device for a new one seems to be an easier option. Now Brightstar is offering a Trade Up program which aims to drive up ownership of the BlackBerry Z10 smart phone. The trade up value is quite attractive and depending on model, your phone could fetch as high as RM1,800. Strangely, the trade value of your device also depends on the Z10 model that you’ll pick. If you opt for the Z10 LTE version, you will get a slightly higher value.

Some of the smart phone trade up value are listed as follows:

iPhone 4 8GB – RM1,065 (Z10 3G), RM1,084 (Z10 LTE)
iPhone 4 16GB – RM1,080 (Z10 3G), RM1,099 (Z10 LTE)
iPhone 4S 16GB – RM1,304 (Z10 3G), RM1,323 (Z10 LTE)
iPhone 5 16GB – RM1,668 (Z10 3G), RM1,687 (Z10 LTE)

BlackBerry Bold 9900 – RM934 (Z10 3G), RM953 (Z10 LTE)
BlackBerry Q10 – RM1,227 (Z10 3G), RM1,246 (Z10 LTE)
BlackBerry Z10 3G – RM983 (Z10 3G), RM1,002 (Z10 LTE)

Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB – RM1,169 (Z10 3G), RM1,188 (Z10 LTE)
Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB – RM1,585 (Z10 3G), RM1,604 (Z10 LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Note II – RM1,434 (Z10 3G), RM1,453 (Z10 LTE)

Of course, it is subject to the condition of the device as well. If you look at the list above, it is funny to see that Brightstar has also included their latest BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 into the trade up list. On top of that, even its more expensive Q10 is listed with a lower value than the older Galaxy Note II and iPhone 4S.

If you’re interested to switch to a BlackBerry Z10 with this trade up program, just visit one of Brightstar’s participating dealers and they will evaluate your current phone to determine the balance price you need to pay for a new Z10. The current BlackBerry Z10 retail price is listed as RM1,799 for the 3G version and RM1,899 for the 4G LTE version.

For more information and full list of trade up models, head over to Brightstar’s BlackBerry Trade Up promo page.

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4 Comments for Brightstar offers smart phone trade up for a brand new BlackBerry Z10


Blackberry is dead. In a few months, you can buy this phone less than RM1000. No need to trade in also can.

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It has dead yet. I and very people still like it.


It is important to choose right one since the first time. Thank you for the tips. Proper care will save money in long term.


Tanks for information.