Latest Tease Confirms New Xperia Will Have Advanced Optics

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Ok, this is what we know so far, Sony is releasing a new Xperia phone and it promises to be a camera powerhouse. Rumours abound that the new phone will have 20.7MP and feature optics worthy of Sony’s ‘G’ series moniker.

In its latest tease, Sony confirms that the new Xperia will feature advance optic in the form of a ‘G’ lens. This is the first time the ‘G’ lens name will be used on a mobile phone and naturally, expectations are high because of this.

In earlier teases, Sony confirmed that the device will be water resistant, possibly with an IP68 rating ensuring that the device can be submerged in depths of more than 1 meter for longer than 30 minutes.

Along with the new Xperia, Sony is expected to reveal a new range of peripheral known as a lens camera. The lens camera has all the imaging power of a prosumer camera housed in a compact lens body that can be bolted on to your existing smartphone. When taking a picture of video, the lens camera does all the heavy lifting while the smartphone acts as a viewfinder, shutter and storage. Expected specs include Sony’s Bionz imaging processor along with WiFi and NFC connectivity to interface with the host smartphone.

Sony has sent invites for an event on September 5 where it is expected to reveal both the new Xperia and the lens camera peripherals. We’ll be there to check out the latest from Sony so stay tuned.


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