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Sony Ready to Showcase Its Latest Mobile Products this September 5

The invites are out and we’re set. Sony has confirmed that it will be holding at event in Malaysia this September 5 presumably to announce its latest mobile offerings. And judging by the many leaks are rumours, you can expect to see the Honami (aka Xperia i1) together with what we think is the most innovative mobile product to be released this year, the Sony G series lens camera.

Here’s what we know so far. Sony wants to dominate smartphone photography and its working on a number of devices to achieve this. First, we have the Honami, a devices that’s expected to feature a 5-inch Full HD Triluminous display with X-Reality and a Quadcore Snapdragon 800 processor. The device’s calling card is its purported 20.7MP sensor with a large — for a smartphone — 1/2.3″ sensor mated to a new lens element bearing the same name as Sony’s top-line G Lens series.

Next, Sony is working on something that we’re really excited about and something that could very well create a new market for smartphone peripherals — the Sony G series lens camera.

The lens camera has all the imaging power of a prosumer camera housed in a compact lens body that can be bolted on to your existing smartphone. When taking a picture of video, the lens camera does all the heavy lifting while the smartphone acts as a viewfinder, shutter and storage. Expected specs include Sony’s Bionz imaging processor along with WiFi and NFC connectivity to interface with the host smartphone.

Sony is rumoured to be working on two models – DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100. The QX10 lens is said to house a 1-inch sensor that is reportedly similar to the one used in the Nikon 1 while the second model QX100 comes with a 10X Zoom lens and a 1/2.3-inch sensor.

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Those are pretty impressive specs for a lens that you’re going to stick on a phone and were very excited with the possibility. Essentially, with the lens camera, almost any smartphone can be an awesome camera phone. It’s an amazing prospect and if Sony can price this attractively, they will have another amazing product in their hands.