Vivo X3 claims thinnest smart phone at just 5.6mm

Posted:  August 15, 2013   By:    6 comments   


If you think the 6.18mm Huawei Ascend P6 is slim, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Another Chinese smart phone maker is expected to launch a new device that’s even thinner at only 5.6mm. To show how razor thin it is, they have released a few weird photos of the Vivo X3 slicing some vegetables.

In terms of specs, it will come with a 5″ Full HD display and it is likely to be powered by a MediaTek quad-core processor. The Vivo X3 is expected to be launched in August 22nd and there’s no word of it being available outside of China yet. All of a sudden, this 5.6mm device makes the previous “impossibly thin” 7.1mm Motorola RAZR look rather bulky.

More teaser photos after the break.




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6 Comments for Vivo X3 claims thinnest smart phone at just 5.6mm


My hand hurts!


wow I wonder how they squeeze everything into such a thin device. LOL


Why not use the extra 4 to 5mm gained to pack a bigger battery instead.
instead of participating in a supermodel contest ?
A phone that is less then 10 mm thick is already very comfortable
. Problem with smartphone nowadays is inadequate battery life.


because using knife to cut vege is too mainstream.


why is the vegetables so funny one?


slimmest with less feature…
hermmm…what you think?