Galaxy Note 3 models confirmed. Malaysia to get both Exynos & Snapdragon 800 versions

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UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 now official, expected to launch in Malaysia on 25th September. Read more.

Earlier it was rumoured that the upcoming 5.68″ Galaxy Note 3 will come in 2 different variants of different processors just like the current Galaxy S4. Now a source close to Sammobile has revealed more confirmed details of the models with list of country availability.

In terms of variants, there are 3 in total with the specs as follows:

Samsung Galaxy Note III 3G Version – SM-N900
Samsung Exynos 5420 Octa-Core processor
ARM Mali-T628 MP6 GPU

Samsung Galaxy Note III LTE Version – SM-N9005
Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 Quad-Core processor
Adreno 330 GPU

Samsung Galaxy Note III Duos – SM-N9002
Samsung Exynos 5420 Octa-Core processor
ARM Mali-T628 MP6 GPU

For Malaysia, we will be getting both 3G & LTE versions which is similar to the current Galaxy S4 availability here. With commercial LTE coverage being rolled out in Malaysia and Qualcomm’s better track record of power management, the LTE version for the Galaxy Note 3 would be a better pick between the two. All shall be revealed on 4th September and we expect Malaysian availability to follow closely right after. Hopefully they will launch both model simultaneously if it gets here.

Hit the source link for the full country listing.


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18 Comments for Galaxy Note 3 models confirmed. Malaysia to get both Exynos & Snapdragon 800 versions


Samsung, please don't make me confuse.


LTE version seem to be lower spec? why cannot be the same?


    because the LTE technology is quite expensive…if you want LTE together with exynos, maybe can get to rm3000…people could not afford it…by the way, I like the QUALCOMM and adreno more than Samsung's exynos…exynos is still new…plus, the octa-core technology by Samsung is not a real octa-core…


      Then how do you explain the korean version of the S4 which has Exynos 5 Octa WITH LTE?


        alright, come down. i'm just giving my opinion. i'm not professional in this business. it just Samsung providing options to buyers, and its depend on market. the south Korean s4 LTE exynos version is actually LTE-A, which is more advance (hence the name) than the current LTE version. Malaysia is still new to LTE. even not whole KL area get LTE. it s just a business tactics. the more the options the more the customer. that's all. maybe also it is a matter of time. they of course will come out with LTE together with their own exynos chip. just relax.


      I thought the reason to match Qualcomm Snapdragon with LTE is bcos Qualcomm has better battery life if compare to Samsung Exynos. LTE tend to consume more power therefore the pairing of Qualcomm Snapdragon with LTE is to even it off.


        yes…that was one of the reason…I wanted to tell this but don't know how to write it down…the exynos octa core are power-hungry. they consume more energy and LTE also already drain more power. so, at the end you need more battery juice to supply them and more battery capacity are needed. the cost would be higher.
        in business, we need to balance multiple factors. example, if you have a power-hungry device, you will need to charge longer. t

          iPhone 5

          PCUser271, you are just moron!
          If you don't even know what are you talking about, better keep quiet.

          S4 user

          S4 octa-core battery life so bad even with only 3G. If it use 4G maybe you need to charge several times in a day. Stop calling people name if you don't contribute


i would like to know, if i get the LTE version, than can i still use 3G?


    of course you can…it's like you are having a 3g phone, but you use 2g sim…then you will only use 2g signal…


      that is clear, thank for the reply 🙂


No Galaxy Smartwatch?

    Andrew C

    stay tune- Sept 4; Galaxy Gear


Samsung, why don't you just release the LTE version? Flagship smartphone must have LTE. Quad-core proccesor is awesome, so why need Octa-core to drain more battery?


Exynos Octa-core is bullshit. Worst battery life ever for RM2K phone. Are they listening to customer complaints on S4 3G poor battery life? They should just make 1 LTE model like HTC One.


It's all very clear now all i need to do sell my note2 buy note 3 with lte.
Samsung take my money!!!


Why is everyone complaining about horrible battery life on the Exynos S4? Have you all tried it yet? Yes, the battery life isn't great, but at least it's decent.

On moderate use (opening social media, browsing the web, occasionally playing games, chatting, etc), it can last a full day, especially with "Power Saving" on. I leave my Packet Data turned on all day, btw.

But of course heavy usage (taking lots of photos, playing graphic intensive games for long periods, watching videos, etc.) would drain the battery much quicker.

Some say Exynos is more efficient some say Snapdragon is more efficient while some say equal..