Sony rumoured to be working on bolt-on lens camera for smart phones

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Sony might be one of the first to jump on a 13MP pixel count bandwagon early this year but the photo quality could have been better. Recently we’ve seen the Lumia 1020 from Nokia boasting 41MP while Samsung has its own Galaxy S4 Zoom that comes with an optical 10X zoom lens.

Now Sony is said to be working on a new interesting device that would compliment camera photography with its very own Lens Camera as shown above. Imagine a compact lens which functions like a standard compact camera which can be bolted on to your existing smart phone device with clamps and magnets. It is said to come with Bionz processor, WiFi and NFC connectivity for that seamless attachment to your smart phone. From the looks of it, it seems to be more practical on smart phones with a flat back surface like the iPhone 5, Xperia Z and Nexus 4.

There are 2 models available – DSC-QX10 and a DSC-QX100. The first QX10 lens is said to be having a 1″ sensor that is reportedly similar to the Nikon 1 while the 2nd model QX100 comes with a 10X Zoom lens and a 1/2.3″ sensor. Pretty impressive specs but we are curious to know how much these 2 would cost in comparison with the new specialised phone-cameras/camera-phones in the market today. The specs isn’t official yet but it is likely that any Android or iOS device might be able to use this via WiFi. So far, it is rumoured that the lens camera would be revealed at IFA in Berlin on the 4th of September.

If you looked closer at the picture above, you’ll notice that the smart phone shown isn’t the Xperia Z or Xperia Z Ultra. This could be Sony’s upcoming Honami smart phone with a 20MP shooter.

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12 Comments for Sony rumoured to be working on bolt-on lens camera for smart phones


I'm just wondering what audience this device is intended for, unless its inexpensive? You will still need to carry an additional and relatively bulky object so its not going to be with you all the time unlike a camera/smartphone like the 1020.
Might as well bring along a proper compact camera since you can't pocket this thing anyway.

But then who would have thought phablets could be so popular?


    People have no problems taking photos with a 10 inch tablet so……..

    Seriously this is a decent upgrade to a camera phone if your built in one sucks and don't really care for SLRs or 4/3.

    What's better is the ability to use (or potential since we're not sure that it works that way) it untethered to the phone. You can get your voice activated lens stand to move where you want while you snap the photo 2-5 feet away.

    It's a decent lens and sensor size, with the right software and price could be a game changer.


      The operative word being the right price. It has to be priced like an accessory otherwise it could end up being a geek device.


        Also note: It's a Zeiss and they're generally not in the business of making cheap glass.

        They're not Leica (the I'll use every expensive material to make the lens mentality) but they do produce good optics on DSLR's (that don't auto focus -Sony is the exception).

        I expect something like this to retail 1k-1.5k ? Unlikely to be under 1k, unless a lot of plastic was used like the Zeiss Touit.


          if the QX10 is < $1.5k, then its a very interesting proposition since I guess the Sony RX100 II will probably retail around 2.5k ? Now if this is < 1k , I'll might even put my lumia 1020 plans on hold !!!


          If you can buy a RX100II you should instead buy a Fuji x100s 😀


          I already have a Pana GX1/Leica f1.8 collecting dust in my cupboard. No thanks :-).
          I realized I'm not a photography enthusiast, but would still like my smartphones to take quality pictures though. So I'm probably a sucker for the 1020.


          That's not a bad camera, I think quite highly off it as well. You just need to find something you like to shoot so you enjoy it. I like walking around and shooting people on the street and buildings. The fuji and the 5D MKII pretty much fills this role.

John Ho

=.=''' it's somehow too "creative" that I can't accept it….. maybe I am just too old school….


aside from zooming purpose what else this lens for? since the honami itself has 20.7 mp..


    Bigger glass, more light collection and focusing and better design (as far as compromises) makes this a better choice than teeny weeny glass on hand phones.

    Overall you should see improvements in resolution in the pictures captured.


It's better than S4 Zoom.