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Nokia Gets Ready to Launch “something big” Today

Nokia said on its official blog that it will be revealing something big and aside from the time and location — London, 9am which is 4pm Malaysia time — there’s really not much for us to bite into. Or is there.

Well for one there is the Nokia Lumia 625 that’s rumoured to feature a 4.7-inch screen. If this is true, then the still unconfirmed Lumia 625 will have the biggest screen on a Windows Phone ever. The Lumis 625 is expected to be a budget phone with its low-res 4.7-inch 800×400-pixel display and 1.2GHz dual-core processor with 512MB RAM and a 5MP camera. That could be the something big that Nokia is talking about.

The other big thing would be a Windows 8-based tablet that we saw on the internet a few weeks back. Earlier leaks suggests that the Nokia Windows 8 tablet will be based on the much-ignored RT version rather than the full OS that can run desktop applications.

Whatever it is, the event is happening in less than in less than 2 hours, so we’ll find out soon enough.