Sony’s 20MP Xperia ‘Honami’ Cameraphone Almost Confirmed

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Xperia Z shown here

Sony is working on a super camera phone of its own and if the rumours are true, we’re less than a month away till the device — codenamed Honami — gets it official debut at IFA in Berlin this September.

Based on leaks, the Honami is expected to feature a 20.7MP camera with an ExmorRS sensor (1/2.3) that’s the same size as the one in the Galaxy Camera and other point-and-shoot cameras. The camera will also feature optics from Sony’s very own line of high-end G Lens series and Sony’s trademark BIONZ image processor. Other rumoured specs include a 5-inch 1080p display complete with Sony’s excellent Triluminos and X-Reality image enhancement technologies first seen in the Xperia Z Ultra.

Internally, the Honami is said to run Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.2GHz mated to 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage that can be expanded with microSD and a large 3,000mAh battery. On top of all this, the device rumoured to have an IP57 water-resistance rating as well. Hopefully Sony won’t leave out the LED flash for this device.

Spec for spec, the Honami is probably not going to worry the Nokia Lumia 1020 when it comes to camera performance but Android will give Sony the advantage when it comes to acquiring a broader appeal. The purported IP57 rating will be well-received as well if the Honami comes with a dedicated camera button. Things are definitely going to be interesting come September.

Leaked spec sheet after the jump.


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15 Comments for Sony’s 20MP Xperia ‘Honami’ Cameraphone Almost Confirmed


"Spec for spec, the Honami is not going to worry the Nokia Lumia 1020 when it comes to camera performance"

I find this claim very biased, not to say that I am siding any party but how do u claim this when u dont even see the actual camera sample yet? mind u, xperia z was a 13MP shooter but it was so poor compared to the 13MP Samsung S4…
not to say that Sony sucks or rocks, but at least support ur claims with facts n not just pure speculation.
Be more professional as a techblog and not a biased one, thanks.


    Sorry if you're confused, we're saying the Lumia is probably the better camera, if not the best camera phone right now.


      Hi as of now I am still sitting on the fence regarding image quality as the verdict is not out yet on both devices.
      However on my part I think yeah maybe I did misunderstand about your comment, apologize about that. =)


      I tot soyacincau is samcau claim by some change to sonycau…boleh people..boleh people


    He didnt mean that the Honami produces better pictures. He was implying that Lumia 1020 users need not to worry about Honami on the camera performance. Maybe you yourself are blinded with bias? such a simple phrase would tick you off.. a Samsung user maybe? LOL. Chill, no need to get soooo riled up about the phrase.. some people take things way too seriously.


    Oh my English!


    Chill out, bro. No need to accuse anyone of being biased, not to mention that the statement doesn't even reeked of biasedness. So you need to take your chill pill and calm down, alright.



    Itulah, tahu hendak bashing sahaja.. Time sekolah, kelas English Comprehension dulu tido ka? That is the importance of english education. Avoid making a fool out of yourself. 🙂


      Hi sirapbandung, if u want to talk about English comprehension at least reply in English and not crap talk there…


So it seems Honami is bigger in dimension compared to Xperia Z. Excited to see whether this Honami gonna feature flat back panel with quoted 8.3mm thickness. Dont prefer the bulky camera design part of Lumia 1020.


Why do so many so called well read tech geeks/trollers get so hot & bothered about what a free tech Blog like SoyaC thinks, writes or says about rumors & something not even launched yet ?

Taje it easy & wait for the real thing before shooting big mouth. Nobody is right or wrong yet.
In anycase you can choose which to buy or support or condemn when the time comes.


Camera performance was determined on how big the megapixel is according to soyacincau.


    Not sure about that, but Lumia 1020 does indeed have very impressive camera…

      clever dude

      Never never criticise a person's personal opinion, unless you are sure
      he is trying to fool the public or is clearly cheating.


Well for lumia 1020 is a window phone, the only thing that they can high up their market sale is through their camera performance of their so called high end device, so no wonder they've done impressive camera tech on their smartphone so far. as for me, there are a lot of factors determine the quality of the image e.g most ppl thought of best image quality came from a high end camera or phone indeed it is true and look at all those high end phone which have better screen display technology which enhanced the quality of that image taken that would've add value right. so chill out guys, ppl have different opinion and taste, remember u r alone in this universe. I'm pretty sure that triluminous display could be add value to sony honami when come to viewing photo and all those new tech sensor on smartphone should be at least make a different. This is technology, it keep evolving and there is no stop point on the innovation. So why dont we just chill having our popcorn see and waitlah…