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New Google Maps 7.0 rolls out with revamped UI & features


Google has released a major update on Google Maps which brings it to version 7.0. The new update refreshes its UI with deeper integration with Google+ and Google Now. It looks a whole lot cleaner and for Navigation, they have introduced dynamic rerouting to suggest alternative routes when there’s unexpected jam or road diversion. The Search interface is very much similar with Google Now which includes Exploration cards to explore locations and places of interest near you.

To improve Google Maps app and mapping info, you can report a problem by just shaking the device while using app. Just shake and report your issue with the map such as instability or even incorrect map info or location.

If you have been using Google Latitude, Google has quietly removed it from this new update and the service will be discontinued in August. If you wish to continue sharing, the next alternative would be using Google+.

The new Google Maps 7.0 will be rolled out in stages but if you can’t wait, you can download the APK here (requires Android 4.2+). Yesterday, Google Maps Navigation is finally available in Malaysia which offers turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance.

Head after the break for the demo videos of the all new Google Maps.