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Pictures of Possible Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Surface


Nokia doesn’t have a tablet in its product line up at the moment and Nokia needs a tablet in its product lineup. And considering Espoo is fully invested in Windows it’s a given that the Nokia tablet will be running Windows but its amazing that Nokia is taking so long to come up with one.

All we have are these pictures of what may or may not be an upcoming Windows 8 tablet from Nokia. And, it may run the useless RT version of Windows 8 instead of the full-blown and much more useful Windows 8. Let’s hope Nokia drops the RT idea and just focused on a solid Windows 8 tablet akin to the Microsoft Surface. Perhaps even one with an amazing 41MP camera on it.

Other rumours spec includes a 10-inch display, a Tegra 3 processor, HDMI and USB ports, a SIM slot and a charger that connects to the device using magnets similar to the one on the Surface. Like all rumours, there’s no official word on this so this may or may not the real deal.