When It Comes to Dissing Apple, Samsung is Not Subtle

Posted:  July 5, 2013   By:    8 comments   


When it comes to weird commercials, this latest ad from Samsung in Iceland, is right up there with weird stuff you see on Japanese TV.

The ad is rich with metaphors but it’s not subtle, there’s no mention of features and specs but the message is clear, the Galaxy S4 is better than an iPhone (that’s what Samsung want you to think anyway).

Get ready to go on a mind trip right after the jump.

Someone please explain the dancing ninjas.


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8 Comments for When It Comes to Dissing Apple, Samsung is Not Subtle


Weird Sammy.


too bad that i buy phone always base on the spec and feature.
not the ads.


    but some people buy phone just look if it has a LED flash


Dafuq did I just watch?


    A man is playing with an apple and holding a white plastic.


Anyway, it's a Plastic phone.

jj don



It’s certainly one of the craziest smartphone advertisement of Samsung.