Sony’s Latest Video Highlights Some Great Features of the Xperia Z Ultra

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We like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. It’s easily the best looking phablet, the 6.4-inch display is gorgeous and the 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 makes multitasking a breeze.

But the Z Ultra is not without its quirks. The lack of an LED flash and a dedicated camera button are two big sore points that many will find difficult to ignore, the dated UX UI skin is far behind what HTC and Samsung are putting in their phones, and the camera app lacks many of the smart features you take for granted in a Galaxy S4 or HTC One.

Sony would like to convince you otherwise.

In its latest promo video, Sony highlights some of the unique features of the Xperia Z Ultra and we have to admit, all of them are great. The question is, is great good enough? What do you think?

Head on over to after the jump to watch the video.

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13 Comments for Sony’s Latest Video Highlights Some Great Features of the Xperia Z Ultra

clever dude

Isn't it amazing (& tragic) that after accomplishing 95% greatness in this phablet that they fumble on something as basic as a flash for the camera ? Wake up Sony !
Looks like you have a serious problem we don't know yet


    Couldn’t agreed more. Effort go to waste. Not only the LED flash is missing but 8mb camera? I bet people at Samsung is laughing out loud. Also don’t expect Samsung to sit still and do nothing. I’m sure Samsung will respond very soon and smash the Xperia Z Ultra with one eye closed.


I don't get why they didn't put LED flash for the camera on this phone.
I was very excited to get this phone when it comes out (due to the super large screen), but the lack of LED flash put me off


people now days buying a phone only look if it has a LED flash.


Large screen around 6.5 inch is a big market for the people have used tablet and advance smartphone both, one you can not carry all time and other you can not enjoy because of small screen. You need something like 6.5 screen which can be hostled in the belt and remains with you all the time, offcourse can be used like phone too. SONY Xperia Z Ultra looks much ahead, people tired of these plasticy design and big round corners. There is a specific big market of the people wanting to write or sketch on screen, Z ultra's anything is stylus is phenomin
al and a galaxy note killer feature. CARELESS use by providing dust and water proof design is other killing feature.


lol to whoever is giving thumbs down to negative comments of the phone regarding the LED flash, clearly you're a sony fanboy who can't accept the truth.


Maybe Sony though this phablet is a tablet, usually tablet didn't have LED flash light.


Yea but Galaxy Notes are consider phablet too. Why does it has flash too?


fuking features waste to buy without led flash…hv to buy suprate torch with camera


    go buy a RM500 camera with flash will perform very much better.


possibly when it is released in Sept.2013, LED flash incorporated(?)
Or with HDR, and if one knows the ISO settings and exposure meter- not required.


i believe sony had done enuf survey to do a way with the flash.

with this size for a smart phone, u wouldn't want to take photos all the time with it.
after all the LED flash is not good for the color. it cause a lot of color shift and tinting.
as for the camera button, i doubt many uses it any more with (again) the size of this phone.
after all it is sometimes very difficult to press.

loui koo

design slim