DiGi commences 4G LTE with Broadband Services

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Never too late than never, DiGi is the 3rd telco to offer 4G LTE service in the country. Just like other telcos, the service is initially available as a data only service with smart phones plans not being supported at the moment.

Their 4G Broadband/Tablet plans are as follows:

Broadband 4GB Day (2AM-7PM) – RM49/month
Broadband 4GB – RM69/month
Broadband 6GB – RM99/month
Broadband 10GB – RM139/month

Tablet Plans
Tablet 500MB – RM25/month
Tablet 1GB – RM29/month
Tablet 1.5GB – RM39/month
Tablet 2GB – RM49/month
Tablet 6GB – RM99/month

Above rates are for new subscription and existing DiGi Postpaid subscribers enjoy RM10 off the monthly fees. For existing DiGi Broadband and Tablet subscribers of 6GB, the 4G LTE service is enabled automatically provided that you have the new DiGiNet+ SIM.

For other subscribers, the 4G LTE service can be enabled by subscribing 4G LTE On-
Demand which is charged at RM8 per day or RM30 per month which both comes with 1GB quota. Strangely there’s no 4G modems on bundle and you would need to purchase it outright yourself elsewhere. They have posted a list of 4G LTE devices compatible on their network here.

According to their FAQ, DiGi’s 4G LTE service offers downloads up to 30Mbps and uploads of up to 15Mbps. In terms of spectrum, they support devices that runs on either 1800MHz (Band 3) and 2600MHz (Band 7) frequency. Update: DiGi clarifies that they’ve made an error in the FAQ. The network only supports 2600MHz (Band 7) at the moment.

Coverage wise it is pretty spoty with 4G LTE coverage at parts of down town KL, Chow Kit, Ampang, Pandan Indah, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam, Bandar Utama and Kota Damansara. You can view DiGi’s coverage map here.

For more information, head over to DiGi’s 4G LTE page.

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10 Comments for DiGi commences 4G LTE with Broadband Services

marc yeo

anxiously waitin for phone lte data


mann, if DiGi's gonna charge the current data users for LTE services, i'm gonna get mad. =O

    Marc Yeo

    Dun be..just changed to maxis or celcom la. It's their choice ;p


      kinda worried, coz DiGi mentioned LTE On Demand on their LTE webpage. i'm gonna stick to my HSPA if they're gonna charge for LTE. >:O


Noticed that my Nexus 4 picked up the H+ on DiGi and it was pretty quick @ 11Mbps down.
I'm not complaining. Its way better than what it was before.


as a smartphone user, you should know that H+ is not LTE right? if you check your phone status in the Settings>About phone>Status, your mobile network type is still HSPA if you pick up H+. LTE is supposed to show as LTE, not H+.


    Nexus 4 does not support LTE. But 11Mbps is considered very fast for HSPA


      Yes I know the differences between LTE and HSPA+.

      I was obviously commenting on the fact that the HSPA+ network was fast considering what we had before.


Broadband 4GB Day (2AM-7PM) – RM49/month
Meaning after 7.01PM to 1.59AM no internet ?

I like old one discovery day RM39/month.


    Internet still works but speeds are throttled