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Sony Xperia Z Ultra side by side comparison with Xperia Z


UPDATE: Check out our Xperia Z Ultra Hands-on here.

The 6.4″ Sony Xperia Z Ultra is a rather huge smart phone bundled with top notch hardware going head on with the rest of the phone tablet or phablet segment. With identical design language as the Xperia Z, the glaring difference between the two is the device size. We managed to get a unit to play with and here are some side by side comparisons with its 5 incher sibling, the Xperia Z.

In the hands, the Xperia Z Ultra feels pretty wide and slippery to hold. Those with smaller hands might find the device overwhelming, making it a challenge to use with a single hand. Not surprising since its rather wide at 92.2mm compared to a Galaxy Note II’s 80.5mm. Even the smaller but similarly designed 5″ Xperia Z smart phone isn’t exactly comfortable to hold and we preferred the curved textured back of the Xperia ZL instead which felt more natural in our palm. We shall share more findings in our hands-on post.

More of the comparison shots of the Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z after the break.