Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note II gets massive price cuts

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Samsung Galaxy S4 non-LTE price

The barely 2 months old Samsung Galaxy S4 non-LTE version (9500) has gotten a massive price cut of RM349. Launched at RM2,199 with 16GB storage, the Samsung flagship device is now priced as low as RM1,850 outright for official Samsung Malaysia units. The 5.5″ Galaxy Note II is even affordable now at only RM1,680, making it quite an attractive buy.

Retailer IMCC has released its current Samsung Galaxy pricing as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S4 – RM1,850 (Previously RM2,199)
Samsung Galaxy Note II – RM1,680 (Previously RM1,999)
Samsung Galaxy S III – RM1,380 (Previously RM1,699)
Samsung Galaxy Grand – RM1,040 (Previously RM1,299)

For a flagship device to drop this much in such a little time is rather shocking. Another retailer IPMart has also dropped its Galaxy S4 pricing as well to as low as RM1,869.

In the mean time the recently rolled out Galaxy S4 4G LTE version (9505) with 32GB of storage is seen to be slashed as well to RM2,299 from its initial RM2,499 pricing. Thanks @abdulmj for the heads up.

Could this be an indication that more Galaxy models are coming to Malaysia? We won’t be surprise considering the Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom are expected to make a local debut soon. Perhaps the rugged Galaxy S4 Active would be priced between the S4 non-LTE and 4G LTE version. With a water resistant credentials and LTE support, that might just demand a slight premium over the standard non-LTE S4.

For those waiting for the Galaxy S4 and without the need of LTE, the RM349 savings definitely certainly worth the wait.


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46 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note II gets massive price cuts

FedUp Monkey

with the price cut on GNote 2, I hope this indicates that Note 3 will be coming up soon!!! Then it is a must buy gadget!! Samsung FTW!!


    I think it should be the Note 2 LTE coming in.

      FedUp Monkey

      named Note 2 LTE PLUS!! like how SGS2 got a revised version and add a PLUS… and BAM!! cash flowing in~ LOL


saw LG E988 just now, about 10units with one unit wireless charger.brought in by LG Electronics.


    LG too slow update


Massive price cut in such a short period? WTF vs FTW…… lol

    FedUp Monkey

    now you can imagine how much profit they make per unit out of Samsung's sheep herds before the price cut…
    and now after the price cut, they still earn profits~ LOL
    Samsung FTW~


      The note2 lte version is already available in sg… n still using the same name… they might bring it into malaysia official version but doubt tat they will rename it… I think this is due to the market in malaysia shifting to lte ready phone… so the 3G version is slowly phasing out


        Did Samsung though M'sian are dinosaurs?


In the tech news lately, S4 sales not up to expectation. In general the high end smartphone market is saturated, Apple is probably feeling it too. In the US they have initiated trade in of old iphones for ip5.
So this may be a response from Samsung to push units.


LOL at those who queue up to buy. S4 must be scared of HTC One thats why they cut price. No LTE phone price below RM1900 is more realistic.


    LoL…"S4 must be scared of HTC One" ??


    no need to scared to LOL

    FedUp Monkey

    LOL is right~
    Between the two, HTC ONE obviously is the superior device.
    What actually boosted Samsung S4's sales is merely its reputation and brand recognition built up at the time of Samsung S2, S3 and Note 2.


      just for u..
      for othres..?


Because the Note3 is coming.


    when note 3 launch, the price even lower..


who will buy 2499 for a LTE s4.. that can buy a good laptop already.


    u right..
    but how come pc,laptop sales drop..?

      FedUp Monkey

      hmm… because of iPad?



          FedUp Monkey

          Hmm… could it be the reason that those PC and Laptop are not branded as Samsung?
          Please educate me and tell me the reason please? Pretty much please~
          I really wanna know the reason.
          Thanks ya~


          Android power.


Another discount please. Cheap plastic.

Garbage Samsung



    like u


    just like your personality~


End of the road for non LTE flagship, expect the price to drop further upon more LTE phone join the battle.


Come on Samsung, why you made a non LTE flagship phone.


it still too expensive for a plastic

Plastic Samsung

Time to R.I.P for Samsung is coming very SOON


Really pity the 1st batch user who bought a 3G version and stuck with 1 or 2 year contract.
Samsung made wrong move to create a 3G variant to their flagship product and their fan boys followed blindly.


    I actually bought the Exynos variant of the S4 from Maxis with a 2 year contract for only RM1749 (exclusion of advanced payment due to being a loyal Maxis customer).

    That was a month ago, though. At the moment really satisfied with the S4 except for battery life. Hoping future updates can fix this problem. I have a power bank with me so at the moment isn't a big problem for me.

    I live in Sabah, so Maxis LTE hasn't expanded so much yet. I'll wait for another 2 years (contract expires) till LTE gets everywhere, then I'll purchase an LTE smartphone..

    The Exynos variant actually offers a ton of hidden features and enhancements the S600 LTE variant doesn't have..


      "The Exynos variant actually offers a ton of hidden features and enhancements the S600 LTE variant doesn't have.. "

      oh do share those hidden features..pls..


        Wolfram speakers, enhanced auto brightness, PowerVR GPU, etc..

I heart Korea

Price drop faster than buying Korean car


lol, previously owner butthurt~

    FedUp Monkey

    Yeap… I know just one folk that bought the phone just right after this post is shown @ the price of 1.9K++
    Not sure if his device is SME or not yet


Samsung Galaxy S4 Pros and Cons


where can buy S/GN2 with that cheap price??


I did not see any price reduction from Maxis, Digi, Celcom or Samsung stores…is this news credible?

    yellow booger

    DiGi reduce to RM1999 already without contract


Definitely wrong information. I just called the Samsung Shops Malaysia and they're still selling the S4 LTE Version at RM 2,499.


S4 LTE SME warranty now less than RM2200.……

Don't be stupid to buy from the store. Even the accessories there are overpriced.