Everything Noteworthy About the WWDC 2013 Keynote in 10 Minutes

Posted:  June 11, 2013   By:    14 comments   

Missed the WWDC 2013 keynote last night? Can’t be bothered to sit through the full 2-hour long video? Here’s a 10 minute recap of all the juicy bits so that you can keep up to speed with what everyone’s talking about.

So what do you think of iOS 7?


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14 Comments for Everything Noteworthy About the WWDC 2013 Keynote in 10 Minutes


I'm not surprise for the iOS7.
I'm surprise for the new MacPro(dustbin-like design surprise me)


Basically Apple copied everyone else. Nothing wrong with that, since everyone is copying everyone else. And Apple did invent the all touchscreen smartphone.
The last smartphone OS that was really different was Windows phone.


    Windows Phone is for the Alternative!


      Windows was ahead of the curve when they chose flat minimalist design. Everything about it is coherent and beautiful. Now if independent apps developer would buy into their ecosystem.
      Say what you may about iphone but app developers seem to spend more effort on IOS apps.
      Compared with Android equivalent, IOS ones almost always looks more polished. Even Google apps look better on IOS!!


Sorry to say but iOS 7 design is the ugliest ever.


    i don't see how it is ugly…


      I see it is a copy.


      The internals of IOS7 are I think quite beautiful though not as pretty as Windows phone. Its some of the new icons that are really gross. Overuse of bright cheesy pastel colors(in some cases on a single icon!!) gives the impression of a child's toy. But this can easily be fix by the time they release the final version.


        The design of icons and layouts of everything are seemed like child's toy which lack in elegance and premium feel that Apple always have in their product lines

Ahmad Zakwan

Get over it people. Apple so far has paid US10 Billion to developers. It is the best gold mine for app developers. Say whatever you want – be it walled ecosystem, small screen iPhone etc. Tickets for 5000+ app developers from 66 countries attending WWDC 2013 sold out in a mere 71 SECONDS!


    another gullible apple worshipper fanboy. tim cook says jump. please jump!

    Encik Nexus 4

    tapi saham apple jatuh.

Ahmad Zakwan

That is beyond Apple's control – stock wise. I paste here the link about an article. Read it, the same author writes both after iphone 5 was launched and then few months later after Samsung S4 launched. Why a double-standard?

10M Samsung flagship phones in 28 days a 'record,' 5M iPhone 5 in 3 days 'disappointing


Some people still don't get it regarding iOS devices.

1.The highest profit share
2. The most profitable business for accessories sellers, app developers
3. The highest rating in customer satisfaction.
4. ios users spend more time with their devices compared to Android
5. they changed people's lives

Look at it objectively. Problems of Android – lagging, fragmentation, privacy ( they boast about openess)

Att the end of the day, if you can't beat facts, being sentimental maybe the only option for you. Pity!

I really hope tech columnist starts to do : unboxing – one year later to see how customers value their devices after 365 days. I bet Samsung devices get low rating due to many reasons : cracked plastic case, device hang etc. Another question: What is the last time you use the stylus on your Note 2?

    Anti Lies

    Apple no fragmentation and lag? Wake up from your distorted view. Not all iphones will get the same features.