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Sony Xperia Z with Nexus Experience coming soon

Sony is expected to jump onto the Nexus experience bandwagon with a Xperia Z that runs on plain vanilla Android OS. This follows after the announcement of Nexus experience editions of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One which will be sold through Google Play store.

Overall, there’s more choice for the Android purist with now 3 smart phones that comes with Full HD display capabilities. The benefit of having a plain vanilla Android device is quicker access to the latest Android OS versions without the need of UI customisation from the respective mobile brands. The Xperia Z Google edition is perfect for those wanting a device with a water and dust resistant hardware.

If you’re in a market for Nexus device, which would you pick? The Galaxy S4, HTC One or Xperia Z? Of the 3, the Xperia Z offers pure on-screen buttons which is the closest to the Nexus 4.