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Samsung Galaxy S4 Ranks Number One in Extensive Consumer Reports Testing


Widely regarded as a reliable resource for stringent, methodical and unbiased reviews, Consumer Reports have released their test results for the Galaxy S4.

The independent non-profit have much praise for the latest Samsung flagship putting the Galaxy S4 on top of its list of the best smartphones you can get at the moment. The S4, Consumer Reports said, “delivered top-notch performance” in the most critical areas of its battery of tests, including the camera performance.

In its latest list of top smartphones, the Galaxy S4 sits at the number one spot on top of the LG Optimus G (previous number one), the HTC One and the Galaxy S III. In a list dominated by Android phones, the iPhone 5 is ranked at number five on the list of top phones available in the US market currently.

In its findings, Consumer Reports said:

The S4 has an excellent 5-inch, high-definition (1080p) touch-screen display, as well as oodles of gesture- and sensor-based tools for accessing and sharing content you create and capture on your phone. The display is sensitive enough to use with gloves on—handy during cold weather.

It added that the Galaxy S4 is a “true multi-tasker” with its multi-view feature that allows you to watch a video while replying to an e-mail, while the S4 built-in IR transceiver blaster and programme get notable mentions as well.

In addition, the publication said the device’s camera was “among the best phone cameras for photo quality.”

On the other hand, the Galaxy S4 scored poorly in video quality, portability in addition to mediocre voice quality.

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While we usually agree with Consumer Reports’ findings, we are not too sure about this one. The Galaxy S4 is a competent phone but we don’t think its a great one. Like Consumer Reports we too purchased our S4 off-the-shelf but unlike the publication, we found the device to be laden bugs and a feature set that is mostly unnecessary and gimmicky than useful.

We do agree that the camera is good but in terms of usability, built quality, display quality, battery life and in almost every other aspect, the HTC One trumps the Galaxy S4.

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