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Samsung to free up more available storage on Galaxy S4


The Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB model which comes with just 8.8GB of available storage leaves much to be desired. Although there’s an expandable microSD memory slot, getting just half usable space from its advertised capacity would leave users feeling a little shortchanged. Technically it is not cheating as the on-board memory really is a 16GB capacity but usable storage is totally a different matter.

As comparison, an iPhone 16GB has 13.5GB of available space, Sony Xperia Z with 11.73GB and BlackBerry Z10 16GB with about 10GB. The rather high out of the box storage consumption on the Galaxy S4 is mainly due to Samsung’s built-in apps and TouchWiz features that uses eye and finger tracking. Acknowledging it is concern needed to be addressed, Samsung is now looking into software optimisation to free up more space. Since most of the features are not really critical or used frequently by users, they should consider add-on features/apps to be downloaded on demand. Must be a tough spot for Samsung and it would be interesting to see how much fat they can trim in future software updates.