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Unboxed: Pebble E-paper smart watch


Our Pebble watch has finally arrived and we’ve given it a quick unboxing. To recap, the Pebble is a kickstarter smart watch and it connects to iOS and Android smart phones via Bluetooth. The front comes with a low power E-Paper display that shows text and graphics in monochrome dot matrix manner.

The box is rather no frills and inside you’ll have the pebble complete with a rubber strap and a USB charging cable. The cable is rather interesting as it comes with magnetic contact points like the MagSafe power adapters for Macbooks. The pebble itself feels pretty light and it also comes with back-light illumination, vibrator and a gyroscope.

Pairing the device is pretty easy via bluetooth and you can download additional watch faces and apps from your mobile phone. There’s even a snake game which you can install on the Pebble. In terms of apps, we are surprised that the Bike Computer, Golf and Running apps that was listed on their site are not available. Hopefully they would be releasing them for download soon.

First impression wise, the main watch body build feels quite cheap and it is glossy all over especially on our Black colour unit. It pales in comparison with the previous gen iPod Nano which was popularly converted as a wrist watch. However we like the fact that it is able to display your phone notifications, text messages and even emails on the watch. Under bright sunlight, visibility of the Pebble display is pretty good as seen in the photo above.

Another complaint which we have is the buttons which could have a more solid feel to it. The pebble also comes with a built-in alarm however it merely vibrates without any beeping sounds. For a person that relies on their mobile phone for time, this really is an interesting wearable gadget to have.

In case you’re wondering, we ordered ours from at RM530. At the moment, it is out of stock but you can request to be notified of its next batch arrivals.

We will share more details in another review post. In the mean time, head after the break for the unboxing video.