VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S4 touch screen display is impressively sensitive

Posted:  April 6, 2013   By:    13 comments   


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 touch screen display supports Air Gestures and it even recognises touches while wearing gloves. To find out if it can do much more than that, PhoneArena has explored various materials. The Samsung Galaxy S4 touch screen display appears to be able to detect touches from metal and even a bottle of yogurt that looks like plastic.

Some might cringe at the thought of using metallic objects on the display but the risk of scratching it badly should be minimal thanks to its Gorilla Glass 3 protection. Watch the touch screen test of the Galaxy S4 after the break.


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13 Comments for VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S4 touch screen display is impressively sensitive


I would like to see a drop test.


This is a pretty useful feature, afterall everyone uses spoon to browse their smartphones.


    Lol…, good one..


      Or a shorter scenario: you are eating a sandwich and a message comes in, your not gonna touch your new s4 with your oily crusty fingers right? So you just take whatever you have(spoon?) and open the message. Or eating durian perhaps and you don't want your s4 to smell of durian don't you?


        Do you use fork and knife to eat durian? I'm curious to know


          coz Jellylegs96 too stupid


          he meant he using wotever things next to him to touch his S4 (eg.spoon/fork) and do not want to use his dirty finger to swipe the S4. Dont un english?


          Your help needs english


    Picture this scenario:

    You're at a dinner whose guests, oddly enough, doesn't mind you using your phone at the dinner table (perhaps it's the fact that you own a billion-dollar company that has something to do with it. but you brush it off); your smartphone lies patiently on the table, and you're a busy person. And as a busy person, an email notification pops up on your phone, for that is what busy people are expected to have – lots of important emails.

    Naturally, your entrepreneurial brain instructs your limbs to gingerly pick up the device to initiate the exchange of digital information (but not without intending to turn it slightly to face your dinner guests a little) – BUT ALAS! at this very moment your left hand is holding a glass of that fine 1947 Cheval Blanc, and your right hand occupied with a fork attached to that most succulent piece of veal this side of the Asian continent. What are you to do? How would you peruse the message, which now grows in importance with every excruciating passing second?

    Fortunately for you, your smartphone just so happened to be the new Galaxy S4. Your solution is therefore simple: you dispatch that veal to your mouth, then with the same hand, use the end of the fork to launch the relevant email app. You respond to that email and clinch that 100,000,000,000.00 dollar deal you've been vying for weeks. Your task now completed, and knowing that you finished victorious, you put the fork down, and with your left hand, raise that glass and offer a congratulatory toast to business prosperous.

    The GALAXY S4 gets you closer to what matters in life, and brings your world together.

    For a *richer*, simpler and fuller life.


Same feature in Nokia Lumia and Sony Xperia.


yeah… after this i can use screw to play subway surf.. awesome..


I can take out my very old Palm's stylus again to use it on this S4 d 😉


    Sony Xperia and Nokia Lumia also have this feature 🙂