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Nearly Half of All Instagram Users are on Android


iPhone users had it real good at one time. And why didn’t they feel special, Instagram — the one app the is most probably responsible for the food picture post genre — was once all theirs and alternatives on Android sucked balls. That was until one year ago when the makers of the popular app decided that they’d share the love with Android users. On the very first day when the Android app was launched Instagram saw well over 1 million downloads.

Naturally, iPhone users aren’t happy about it. Many said that the sea of Android ubiquity will dilute Instagram essence of exclusive appeal. Some yelled boycott while others predicted the demise of their once revered photo sharing platform.

A year later, everyone is still using Instagram and we’re seeing food pictures — good and bad, mouth watering and plain ridiculous — being uploaded more and more each day. And guess what, now, nearly half of all Instagram users are using Android.

What does that tell you?

Pity all the Windows Phone users.