DiGi now offers classic Nokia 3310, Motorola StarTAC & Ericsson SH888


UPDATE: After revealing that this is an April Fool’s Day prank, DiGi is giving out free 150MB of mobile internet pass for the first 1,000 prepaid subscribers. Activate it over here.

Having a mobile phone is a status symbol and it is more apparent 10-15 years ago, a time when not many people could afford one. These days, a mobile phone is a necessity and no longer a flashy fashion accessory that it used to be.

Unless you have a tens of thousands of ringgit to spare, DiGi now lets you stand out from the crowd with its new Vintage Phone Collection from RM1,499. Own a piece of history with the indestructible Nokia 3310, the flip phone crazed Motorola StarTAC or the iconic Ericsson SH888. These rare mobile phones are bundled with RM148 DG SmartPlan Classic.

As an added bonus, they are giving a rather hefty 30GB of Free Internet each month although utilising the data might be a challenge. With the physical numeric keypads, blind texting is definitely a joy especially while driving walking.

To find out more details, head over to DiGi’s Vintage bundling page.

Thanks to all who have alerted in the comments and via twitter!