Sony Xperia Z Bug Lets You Bypass Device Lock Screen

Posted:  March 26, 2013   By:    5 comments   

The Lock screen on your Xperia Z may not be that secure because someone has discovered a way to bypass it and gain access to your device without knowing your passcode or PIN.

The video after the jump shows you how the lock screen can be defeated. It looks simple enough and we’ve tried it on our Xperia Z and it work. The thing is, you’re not going to get it right the first time. Also, the bypass is not consistent. It works sometimes and other times it does nothing. On top of that there’s also the rather lengthy bypass code that you need to memorise.

So should you be worried if you own an Xperia Z. Not really, like anyone who owns a smartphone out there, just always be careful. No phone is ironclad and the only way to really protect your data from prying eyes is to make sure that you don’t lose it.


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5 Comments for Sony Xperia Z Bug Lets You Bypass Device Lock Screen


z more bugs than others
no z…


    so do you mind to tell what other bugs that you discovered?
    please list all as you can, that's more convincing instead of just telling it has more bugs…


htc n sony lame..


wow, but i still love xperia