Apple tells you why people love their iPhones more than any other smart phones

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Not waiting to be left out after the unveiling of the Galaxy S 4, Apple is now telling why people are simply loving the iPhone 5. Obviously taking a jab at their Korean rivals, Apple is boasting on customer satisfaction, Retina display and Premium materials (although we feel that quality control could be improved).

While on comparison the iPhone 5 hardware seems to be falling behind, Apple is boasting smoother experience and long battery life without requiring heaps of cores and huge battery capacities. While its camera is only having 8MP, it is still one of the most used cameras on Flickr. Not forgetting is that the iPhone 5 currently is having the smallest dimension and lightest weight for a high-end device.

Fair points we say but Apple shouldn’t be resting on their laurels at this point. With the competition heating up, consumers are getting spoiled for choice and the iPhone is no longer a safe de-facto choice it used to be several years ago. Check out the new Apple “Why iPhone” section over here.


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40 Comments for Apple tells you why people love their iPhones more than any other smart phones


Only iPhone5 has retina display-False
Great battery life-False (Note 2 wins miles ahead)
A6 chip is powerful but not power hungry-False
iPhone gives you ultra fast wireless-False ( can't even detect cellular and WiFi most of the time)

    azhar be honest retina display can only be found on an iphone 5 is true though because only iphone have retina display but their display is not the best for me..


      Retina Display is just a marketing term from Apple, it is like coming up with a new name for Petrol such as F1 Petrol or Vroom Petrol when it is…. petrol.

      The screen is nothing more than a LED LCD with higher density pixels. period


You also get a complimentary pair of handcuffs to the ecosystem, so you cannot escape and carry on with "loving" them. You can escape with difficulty and perseverance.


    Why do u wanna escape? & where to?


Iphone 5 battery life: 1440 mAh ( 8.42 – talk time ), ( 9.56 – web browsing ) & ( 10.12 – video playback )
Samsung Galaxy S III: 2100 mAh ( 10.20 – talk time), (5.17 – web browsing) & (10.01 – video playback)
Samsung Galaxy Note 2: 3100 mAh ( 16.57 – talk time), ( 8.48 – web browsing) & ( 11.27 – video playback)
Who's power hungry now…? Iphone 5 manages to maintain long hours of tortures despite its smaller battery.


    The larger the mAh,the larger the electric need.


      lol…get back to your high school please…


iPhones are designed for American market, while samsung is designed for the World. Just look at Siri. 'She' can't even provide Maps and directions in Malaysia.


    Because SumSong want money more than the other.


      Same with your iDiots Cuppetino?


I switched to android phone (Gnex) from an iphone 4 last year– and I have to agree that as an all rounder nothing beats iPhone

Idk but maybe some professional hackers/rooter is able to achieve long lasting battery life using custom kernels/programs but with that Gnex I constantly had to worry about battery depleting (I carried a charger everywhere I go). With the iPhone I would still have juice left to spare after a long day.


    Kiddo, possibly you downloaded lots of porn's apps…letting them popup/run at the background!


we should never judge by spec sheet alone (although the HTC One looks delicious n tempting)
I'd bet the 2600mAh battery in the S4 still fail in web browsing time compared to iPhone 5


    never jugde the battery life from the spec.
    never judge a multitasking Aphone, with a non-multitasking Iphone.
    End of story.


Apple posting to remind themself capable till that level only.meanwhile other handset maker adi surpass beyond expected world.its nice to c apple did that homework to remind themself to b keep workhard move forward.
Come on guys,dun keep samsung vs apple.whoever did better,benefit end user.let them create more features offer.cheers…


The answer is simple iphones arent made from cheap S plastics. Everyone knows


l don't care of Iphone.To me iphone nothing without support of other manufacture.


    back to year 2001, is Tim Cook purpose to sub all the manufacturing to others, where they can focus to do what is more important for them..

    No iPhone, then we all still using those Nokia "not-so-smart" smartphones, or those RM4000 O2 PDA…

    Where got today Android / iOS two horse racing…


Fanboys will always be fanboys…i was using Iphone 4 during Steve Jobs time. Once Tim Cook took over Apple, there was nothing much to offer by Apple so thats why i did not wan to upgrade to Iphone 4s or 5, but rather stick to iphone 4 at that time. Now i recently changed to Note 2 and boy..its very good. but now i have the best of both worlds. Apple need to step up to bring more innovation to the smartphone technology. if not, Samsung/HTC/Sony/Nokia and even Google Android itself will dominate and there would not be much varieties for the smartphone market. Peace


    they are busying suing Samsung…no time for them to develop new stuff…


I use an iphone 5, less hassle, good all round phone but expensive me thinks. I think the Nexus 4(my wife's) is better value for money. The OS is more modern and functional than IOS. However iphone apps still looks and feel more polished that its Android equivalent which is strange to me..maybe its the API.
Samsung is no-no for me…if you're unlucky, you may get a phone with the "remove battery to reboot" feature. My friend's S3 has been to the shop 3 times and they still haven't fix the problem.
It happened to my old Galaxy S1(worst phone I ever owned!!) too after it was upgraded to Gingerbread.


    Samsung should post their main feature is "remove battery to reboot"

    That why even Galaxy S4 need removable battery, easy for troubleshooting… Apple and HTC also lose to that feature…

    I had nothing to say…


The facts that some of phone makers keep upgrading the hardware of the phone is to urge you buy a new one each year… 1 core, 2 core, 4 core, 8 core… next year I think you will see 16 core phones….

What is more important for normal users like us is the overall experience of the phone… the phone that not lags, that have good battery life, good camera, good speaker and clear loud speaker and does not break down easily, others is not really important.

Those who own iPhones very lucky and fortunate because Apple keep support them with latest iOS (3GS, 4, 4S, 5) whenever they could, such policy earns high customer satisfaction over years (those who say fan boys is over-doing it, it is not the case, it just they not at the side who get supported)

Look at Android Phones, if you holding latest and hottest phones, then you have all the pamper and attention of the world… but how long can it last, 1 year? 6 months? Any one remember Samsung Galaxy S? HTC Desire? Galaxy S II? The support in updates is almost ended when new ones come out…

and for phone makers, the phone that easy to use (targeted to mass market, and also those age 35-50 or 50+), that have real spending power… is more important than you to have fancy fancy function that no one care, success or failure mode is depends how many people using your devices… not how good and how well you design it….

one of the treasure that all phone makers doesn't hit it yet is the real mobile payment solution… and i did not aware any of it any miles near of it…. this is a big cash cow waiting to be slaughtered…


    You do know that Apple doesn't give all the iOS feature to older phones right? Many of iOS6 feature on the iPhone 5 is missing on the iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS. For Android if the phone gets that version, it really gets the full version.

    He who live in glass house should not throw apples


      "For Android if the phone gets that version, it really gets the full version."

      I do not understand it, do you have a best example where this happens? Galaxy S2 from S3? perhaps S3 from S4?


      Sadly for Android phones, this is not wholely true. Currently, only Nexus line of phones enjoy direct update of the software. As for other OEMs (Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG etc), it still depends how dedicated each OEM is on distributing the updates to users. And it certainly doesn't help that almost all OEMs will pack their own features into the updates, thus making them take longer time. And on their point of view, certainly they will put more effort on their next new stuffs (new income), instead of providing updates to existing handsets.


        Agree, even that the updates is pathetic… out of more than 200 old and new Android models, less then 10 have updates more than 3 major version, does we see any phones successfully survive 4 major updates (2 years plus), Eclair, Froyo, ICS, JB, anyone?

        Unless you root it, keep tried those beta rom, beta features, keep tuning, keep optimising, that will provide longer battery life, support 'likely' latest updates of latest version, easy to use, this and that la… end up you just spends too much time service Android phone… to make it smooth and lag free
        If like that you do not really have time enjoy using the phone.

        The lifespan of the Android and WP phones, is that, lifespan is short… not hardware, but software is that most important of usage…

Fariz Unisel

i choose IOS device because of the apps. AppStore got a lot of good Apps. The games are simply nicer than android games.


    Most popular apps already support iOS and Android, just WP8 and Blackbeery are behind…

    The pie at Android is become so large till the stage where developers cannot ignore to support for it as well, even the % for persons who pays for it is lower than iOS, but in the end they get much much more money compare to just purely on iOS or Android

    Rather of saying apps in appstore or playstore, I would rather say iOS users have more clean and pleasant user interface, and also iOS only apps, iMessage, Facetime, iPhoto, iMovie, where others makers don't have. And most of the Google apps are available to iOS as well, Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Drive, are my favourites too…

    The policy of iOS is Control, Control and Control. And Android is customizability, customizability, and customizability. It is two horse race, I do not see any problem of it. If no iOS or Android, there would not be the phones you using nowadays, look at Nokia era, with their Symbian smartphones that not really that smart last era…..


Amokio is surely a butt-hurt Samsung sauce.. LOL!


    Lol…sorry…wrong~~ please try again…

Kiwi in Malaysia

What is evident though, is that one posting about Apple or the iPhone generates such a large amount of comments…

The article above about the Blackberry Z10 gets none… what's worse for a company? Bad press or no press?

Apple haters/lovers etc simply feed the machine with their opinions. Samsung is trying to generate the same thing.


    I was thinking along the same lines, One mention of Apple and the whole comments section blows up.
    And here i thought most people on this blog liked android 🙂