Samsung Galaxy S 4 compared with other smart phones

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The Samsung Galaxy S 4 which was just revealed looks underwhelmingly the same as the older Galaxy S III. During the Unpacked event, the main highlight was on its smart features on camera, voice commands, hand gestures and eye tracking.

With the hardware specs put side by side with other models including the latest Full HD Androids, iPhone 5, Lumia 920 and Z10, we noticed that there have been some improvements on the S 4’s dimensions.

While the Galaxy S 4 boasts a bigger Full HD screen at 5″, the height remains exactly the same as the current Galaxy S III at 136.6mm while at the same time, they have narrowed the width at just 69.8mm. The battery on the S 4 has been upgraded as well to 2,600mAh which is 300mAh 500mAh more than the old one but yet it is slimmer at 7.9mm and lighter at 130g. This means that the S 4 should be easier to hold in the hands.

While display is an improvement, being the first Full HD smart phone from Samsung, it loses out in terms of pixel density to HTC One, due to its smaller 4.7″ screen. In reality, at over 400ppi, it is really hard to differentiate which display has higher pixel density. All matters now would be the display quality especially viewing angles, brightness and contrast.

One obvious advantage which the Galaxy S 4 has over the likes of HTC One and Xperia Z would be its removable 2,600mAh battery. If we put the dimensions side by side, the Galaxy S 4 is actually shorter than the 4.7″ HTC One and it is just as slim as the Xperia Z’s 7.9mm thickness. Even with its extra 300mAh battery capacity, the Galaxy S 4 is at least 13 grams lighter as well which is rather impressive. For those that prefer the thinnest, lightest and shortest, the iPhone 5 is no contest at all with its super slim 7.6mm thickness and weighs just 112 grams.

So far Samsung hasn’t reveal much details on the variants available and based on their official spec sheet, there will be 2 models available. One will be running on a Quad Core 1.9GHz processor while the other on a Octa Core 1.6GHz processor. We are likely to get the Octa Core version in Malaysia. In terms of 4G LTE connectivity, only the Quad Core version supports it at the moment.

Edit: As pointed out by reader min402, the Octa-Core set up in the Galaxy S 4 doesn’t mean all 8 cores are running simultaneously. Rather it has a dual set up of either Quad-Core A15 and Quad-Core A7 which switches depending on intensity of processing required.

In terms of OS version, the Galaxy S 4 runs the very latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Availability wise, Samsung has shared that it will be launching with 327 operators in 155 countries by end of April.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 compared with other smart phones

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20 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S 4 compared with other smart phones


you guys do know it's not 8 cores per say… more like 4+4 configuration. 1 set for high performance task and 1 set for low demanding task. The OS will only detect 4 cores at one time. The SoC will switch on/off either set of cores depending on the load.


    Yup, you are right that its not all 8 cores equal. Quad-Core A15 and Quad-Core A7.


      People will felt cheated if you put 8 cores, when he open the settings, and see "about hardware" and it says quad core exynos…


        That's what we call marketing, buddy.


          This is a big.LITTLE configuration. Although 4 cores are active at any time, it's still a physical 8-core cpu


SC, thanks for the comparison chart!


Comparing camera's megapixel is not fair. HTC One has UltraPixel which features a bigger sensor.


    HTC One doesn't have bigger sensor. It is the same size. They just double the size of pixel. Some people compare it is not as good as lumia 920


i thought there is something wrong with the ppi?
SGS4 shld be 441ppi and xperia z shld be 443ppi.


Just a heads up… based on introductions and hands on. The A15 cores will run up to 1.2GHz and the A7 will run up to 1.6GHz.

So when Samsung says Octo-cores at 1.6GHz, they are referring to the A7 cores… typical marketing gimmick. However, the A15 is no slouch even at lower clockspeed, higher IPC and design altogether. For comparison iPhone 5 Swift cpu also ran at 1.2GHz.


    You're right, but mobile processors these days are more than powerful enough for day-to-day tasks. Now, we're more interested in efficiency. However, what fascinates me the most is that, even with 8 cores, there is still some stuttering when doing simple stuff like swiping to different homescreens. This has got to be a joke!


      i guess that's an inherent problem of Android OS itself.. nothing much we can do. Manufacturer skin UI isn't helping also. I guess you can't have it all.


anyone know what the galaxy s4 price? for malaysia ?


Where is lg optimus g or g pro


Nice comparison. Planning to add the Nexus 4 into the mix?


megapixel??? i thought HTC One is using ultrapixel…..


Your comparison chart is so not true. Especially for HTC One, the screen you put it as Super LCD 3 while it suppose to be Full HD screen. The only Full HD screen you labeled is only for Samsung S3 and S4, are you bias or what? Camera wise HTC is featuring Ultra Pixel so comparing the megapixel is so unfair.


    Shawn, those are the actual display types being used by the devices. "Full HD AMOLED" is the specific type of display being used on the Galaxy S 4 that does 1920×1080 while the Galaxy S 3 is using "HD AMOLED" which does 1280×720. You can read more about this here:…

    Similarly "Super LCD3" is the actual display being used on the HTC One. We have stated clearly all the display resolution on all devices.

    The "Ultrapixel" camera on the HTC One is effectively pushing 4MP shots at 2688×1520 and you can view the original size here:…


    HTC Fan Boy Detected. You are biased, why you didn't mention Sony that's also full hd?


price for both variants i9500 and i9505 …. ?? … ^^