Maxis finally offers iPad mini & 4th gen iPad on contract

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After its short lived appearance, the iPad mini and its larger 4th gen iPad with Retina Display is now available for contract bundling on Maxis. The iPad mini goes from as low as RM899 while the iPad 4 as low as RM1,349 with 24 months contract with its SurfMore plans.

To recap on the plans, SurfMore 50 offers 2GB of data at RM50/month while SurfMore 75 offers 5GB of data at RM75/month. Full iPad mini and iPad 4 bundled pricing below:

iPad mini
16GB iPad mini (SurfMore 50) – RM1,009
16GB iPad mini (SurfMore 75) – RM899
32GB iPad mini (SurfMore 50) – RM1,299
32GB iPad mini (SurfMore 75) – RM1,199
64GB iPad mini (SurfMore 50) – RM1,599
64GB iPad mini (SurfMore 75) – RM1,449

iPad with Retina Display
16GB iPad 4 with Retina Display (SurfMore 50) – RM1,499
16GB iPad 4 with Retina Display (SurfMore 75) – RM1,349
32GB iPad 4 with Retina Display (SurfMore 50) – RM1,749
32GB iPad 4 with Retina Display (SurfMore 75) – RM1,599
64GB iPad 4 with Retina Display (SurfMore 50) – RM2,049
64GB iPad 4 with Retina Display (SurfMore 75) – RM1,899

The bundled devices comes with cellular support and it can support up to 42Mbps on Maxis HSPA+ network. During sign up, Maxis requires a RM1,000 upfront advance payment which will be rebated back to your monthly bill across 5 months.

For more information, head over to Maxis’s iPad page.

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9 Comments for Maxis finally offers iPad mini & 4th gen iPad on contract


I wonder why Maxis doesn't offer the 128GB variant for the iPad 4th Gen.


This new package is totally overcost, I might as well purchase it without the celular and its just RM 100 more expensive. But then I don't need to be hold onto a contract that cost RM 75 monthly for 2yrs.


When you register have to pay more than the ipad price. Make no sense better buy online


    bro, i think this one with 3g capability. the 999 price for 16g ipad mini wifi only. so still got small subsidy from telco

Vincent Lee

i hv done a comparison of all ipad mini plan between Celcom, Maxis and Digi. Please let me know if you wanan get a copy, thanks.


    vincent, everybody is capable of doing comparison..and your comparison is not unique, plz…


24 months contract is a bit too long ..some more in about 6-8 months time, there might be new ipad announce again..


Maxis scam


Did maxis got any 12 months contract for iPad 4?